The First
2003-06-24 @ 6:46 p.m.


One by one, they drop, gently swaying, rose petals through my rose colored glasses, the ones through which I view the world. The rose falls apart, delicately, meager flower that it was, yet I cannot help but mourn the death of such beauty, of such intricacy, of such a piteous thing...

My first entry, new beginnings, not much to say. I'm excited to be starting this online diary, yet, I find this concept to be ironic. Diaries are meant to be kept private, for the eyes of the writer only, but this goes against all of that.

So I sit here, grasping my fallen flower, smothering it, watching it die, as I write this first entry. With every death comes a rebirth, and with the death of this rose comes the beginning of this diary...

(corny? yes. just shut up...)

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