Mediocre Rantings from a Teenage Mind...
2003-06-29 @ 1:48 a.m.

Humanity... I laugh in the face of humanity, and spit upon the concept of a "civilized society". There's a reason for it all, there's a reason for world hunger, hate, and the impossibility of an Utopian society; people. People bring ruin to everything. We, as humans, are greedy, selfish creatures, setting ourselves up for extinction... Wars, genocide, murder, horrible realities, such as these, have come to be almost "commonplace" in today's world. All caused by our fellow man. All because of us. We all share the blame.

Yet, in this chaos, in this turmoil, and in these seemingly hopeless times, I can honestly say that ignorance and hatred are the most notorious killers. They can kill spirits, personalities, beliefs, and at times, even people.

Today, my mother and I had a sort of "girl's day", she and I went out and did some shopping. However, during the course of the day I noticed that people were uncomfortable to be around me. They stared, without shame, and I would stare back, almost as if challenging them to look away, now that I've realized what they've been doing. An old woman was just plainly rude to me, for no apparent reason. In a shoe-store, I politely said "excuse me" to her, she was standing in the very middle of an isle, and I couldn't get around her to go over to the other side, but she just looked at me, as if in disbelief, then ignored me, refusing to move.

I'd have to blame my looks for causing people's behavior toward be to be so cruel. The way I dress, some may say, can cause a commotion among conservative minds. However, I will not compromise my individuality, and the way I choose to represent and express myself, simply to please some right-wing traditionalists.

The world is a sad place in which individuality is shunned. MTV generations walk around looking like Britney Spears clones, and find this to be acceptable. You know you've done it, you've seen someone walking down the street, dressed in an unusual way, and you've muttered somthing like "freak" or "can you BELIEVE what he's wearing?!". You see someone trying to make a personal statement, and the first thing that pops into your head is "weirdo". Individuality isn't acceptible in Western society. We must all be blind sheep, according to the media, easily manipulated and influenced, and willing to try anything and everything to fit in. Do I look fat to you? asks the 100 pound, six foot blond...I think I'll get some lipo... And the pressures we face for looking "good" are impossible to meet. Must we all look like living stick figures? or take horse steroids to be "fit" (who cares if it makes my dick shrink, at least I'll have rippling muscles...). Is it not our idiosyncratic natures that liven our mundane lives?

However, not all of western society lives with these shallow views of popularity and beauty. Just the other day, a middle-aged, conservative-looking, Barnes&Noble employee came up to me and complimented me on my shoes, he said "They're beyond cool", then casually walked away. I was amazed. Shocked. I truly didn't expect someone like him to like my shoes, my knee-high, gunmetal, lace-up, platform boots... Goes to show you, looks really CAN decieve...(cliche? yes...)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sorry for complaining, maybe it's traces of teen-angst. I hate all of that "I'm so depressed because the world hates me" stuff, but I just thought, that after what I went through today (though, yes, in a piteous amount, it truly DID bother me), I had a right to bitch. I mean, I know I shouldn't be surprised, I KNOW of the consequences one must suffer when they choose to be different, but, I don't know, I just wish people would be more accepting and open-minded. Maybe then we'd all be a little happier....(I'm corny, yes, deal with it).


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