Violent Acts of Beauty
2003-07-09 @ 11:24 p.m.

**WARNING: The title is MUCH better than the acutal entry. Do not read any further if you believe you'll read something "cool" about "Violent Acts of Beauty", for you will not.

I want to run away...not for a LONG time, for a week or so, to California. I MUST see the London After Midnight show on the 25th! I MUST! ACK! They're going to debut songs from "Violent Acts of Beauty"! I WANT TO GO! NOW! If anyone is willing to hitch-hike with me, be my guest. If I get raped, then, oh well, this is the price I must pay to see Sean's manly lusciousness. *Drool*... I can't wait for the cd to hit stores. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait *girly screech*! I feel like such a teenybopper. Wow... Anyway, um, I tried to talk my parents into it, but noooooo, I can't go, it's "inconvenient" for their schedules. It always ends up this way. I am a bitter, bitter little girl. *Flails arms madly* Why?! Damn the consequences of being young! Damn the consequences of living in Florida! Damn it all! Ack! I can't wait to make "the move". I'm not staying in Florida for the rest of my life. The heat, humidity, and overbearing smell of b.o. eat away at you. The constant sweating disgusts me. The second you walk outside you're instantly covered in a fine sheen of perspiration, your hair POOFS UP in all directions! NOTHING WILL TAME HAIR IN SOUTH FLORIDA! I CHALLENGE you to blow-dry your hair and WALK OUTSIDE! Not even the most POWERFUL hairspray in existance will keep your locks from frizzing up! It's horrible! The weather down here is hell. It's either scorching hot, and humid, or it's raining. Those are the only TWO options you get down here, here in the hanging penis of the US...

Listening to: "H/C" by Scarling

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