Tearing Angel Wings...
2003-07-16 @ 1:12 a.m.

Must we wage wars with angels to get our way in life? Must we wallow in sin to make our pleasures reality? Must we hate in order to love? Must we be human?

We're people, we make mistakes. We do stupid, unforgivable things. It's human nature to go out of our way and do anything possible in order to get what we want, even if it means hurting another. I say it's justifiable. Or is it? Selfishness isn't a bad thing, it shows others that your life is your "number one" priority. I wouldn't help another if it didn't benefit me. I'm like that. Unreliable, greedy, but aren't we all? Let us wage wars with angels, tear at their wings, at their cherubic faces, for they are the ones standing in my way...


Listening to: "The Wicked Tongue" by P.J. Harvey

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