Tearstained Lullabies...
2003-07-26 @ 12:43 a.m.

I love to see you like this, and I can surely see you now. Your eyes are wide, awake, with terror, dread, and tears. Tearstained lullabies fill my thoughts, my mind. You, my dear, my love, can give me what I so desire. You can give me power. Your arms are bound behind you, tightly gripped by electrical chords. Had to improvise, love, there was nothing else about. I surely hope you don't mind. You're shaking now, you're trembling, from either utter fear or bitter cold, and you stare at me, pleadingly. Are you hoping I'll let you go?

This will all be overly quickly, pet. I watch you thirsting to get free, and excite in your struggle. Struggle. Your cry out, in vain. A rolled-up sock serves as your gag, you silencer, and muffles any attempts to call for help. It's hopeless. Scared, are we? Well, you won't be for long.

I run a hand through your hair, slowly, delicately, and I kick you, hard. Your eyes stare blank, becoming emotionless voids focusing solely on me. You hate me, but I've become accustomed to that. Tearstained lullabies fill my thoughts, and in these thoughts I see you, broken. You stare at me, eyes flooding with anger now, rage, flooding with tears. Upset? I wonder why. I kick you once more, this time with more intensity, more fiercely, and I kneel beside you, beside the wretch you've become. Taking your face in my hands, I move in, ever so slowly, and gently kiss your forehead. You are my weakness.

Your breathing quickens, and shallow breaths escape from within you in militant rhythms. Nostrils flared, your chest heaving, heart beating madly. You look as though you've gone crazy, love. Have you? I rest my ear upon your chest, and listen to the eruptions of sound inside of you. Your heart seems to explode with every beat. Your strength is fading now, your heart grows weaker, slower, dies with every breath, until there's nothing more. Silence. Did I break you, angel?


Listening to: "Thinking of You" by A Perfect Circle

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