Yellow is for Friendship...
2003-07-27 @ 12:13 a.m.

Smiles, all smiles, sunshine. No cloudy skies today. "Friends Forever" lost its meaning for me, and I can only blame you. Hand-holding, laughing, the way little girls play. Forgiveness is out of the question, don't ask for mine, you'll never have it. We have fun together, as best friends should. I trusted you once, I cared for you once, but those days have passed us by. You make me feel special, like only you could. I cried for us once, but those tears no longer exist. "Yellow is for friendship", you once said to me. I would have never thought you so cold, I guess I was wrong. "Best Friends Forever", you said, and I agreed. "Best Friends Forever", what a liar you've turned out to be. I take that all back, now. You no longer deserve me.

Yellow is for friendship, you once said to me. I thought I believed you, and that you believed.


Listening to: "Cemetery Gates" by the Smiths

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