Angelic Fruitcake...
2003-07-29 @ 11:45 p.m.

Out of season, bruised and pleading. Flowered and screaming, laughing while bleeding. Lace stockings tearing, hair wild in tangles. Lipstick-smeared face. Angelic Fruitcake.

Charming the wicked, sodomy so vivid. Flowered though hidden, so scared you're livid. Torn down and daring, smiling though mangled. Pleasure-streaked face. Angelic Fruitcake.

Florid cheeks ashen, hazel eyes sullen. Laughing though sunken, hopelessly drunken. Debauched and glaring, hair wild in tangles. Tears steak your face. Angelic Fruitcake.

Night is still buzzing, can't see an end. Bruised and pleading, laughing while bleeding. Lace stockings tearing, smiling though mangled. Not up to your pace? Angelic Fruitcake.


Listening to: "This Picture" by Placebo

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