Kaleidoscope Know-How...
2003-08-11 @ 9:34 p.m.

Kaleidoscope know-how, it's what I'm made of. Colors swirling, swimming, singing in my eyes. Dancing across my skin, tap dancing on my lips. Lounging lazily on my hands. Sliding down my sides, down to my feet. Killing time on my nails, and standing on end in my hair. Sleeping soundly on my eyelashes, and brushing up against my cheeks. Saturating everything around me. I'm enraptured, engulfed, taken over. Sealed with a kiss. Colored golden and beaming. Sealed with a glance. I'm polka-dotted, spotted, and scarred. Branded. Sealed with a touch. Graying in tears. Sealed with me. They're sealed in me.

Kaleidoscope know-how, it's sealed in me.


Listening to: "Baptism of Blood" by Malice Mizer

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