Daniel's Story...
2003-08-13 @ 5:06 p.m.

Slumped, slouched, sitting on the street corner. The Raven-Boy. Raven eyes, Raven hair, Raven lips. Chapped lips. His lips. Crying. He cried for the introverts, the joyless. He cried for himself.

Salty tears dripped from his eyes, dripped his liner, his mascara. What a mess he was. Raven-streaked cheeks. His cheeks. Raven-faced now. He was Raven-faced.

Hair fell over that face. What a mess he was. Hands shaking. A shaking hand ran through his hair. His hand. Chapped lips stung with salt tears. Eyes bleak, red with irritation. He was red with irritation.

Streetlights lit him like the dark. He lit up like the dark. Cigarette stub crumpled inside a fist. His fist. Cigarette-burned palms. Achy palms. He ached.

Ached for peace of mind.

Ached for longing.

Ached for another cigarette.

Raven-Boy aches for a nicotine fix. Aches to be burned.

He burns to be burned.

Burn me.

The Raven-Boy cries to be burned.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This entry was inspired by my boyfriend.


Listening to: "The Drama You've Been Craving" by Sleater-Kinney

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