Your Blind Faith...
2003-08-14 @ 3:49 p.m.

You blindly worship him and his name, an empty name, an ugly name. Praying to him when there's no proof he listens. What if he's ignoring us? Would it matter? If he listened, would he care?

You give him credit when he doesn't deserve it, thanking him for the good in your life, but what about the bad? And what do you get in return? Nothing. Nothing but a few stories to tell, and wasted time. Nothing but the expectancy of "paradise", and the disappointment of nothingness.

If God really is there, then he's a shitty listener...

He's not there for us, nor will he ever be.

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I'm openly an atheist, and I've never really had a "connection", as they say, with my "spiritual" side.

I, for some reason, cannot allow myself to succumb to the belief that there's some deity looking over us. I don't see how there could possibly be a heaven or hell, a 'God' or 'Devil'. Some see this rejection of religion as a sign of my arrogance, other's see it as naivety. I simply see it as honesty.

I've never really believed in a 'God'. I remember, a few years back, I was forced by my mother to attend Sunday School. What hell that was. I recited the prayers, attended mass, basically, I did everything required of me to fit the mold of the stereotypical, well-behaved, catholic child. However, nothing ever "clicked" in me. There was never a "connection", never a time when I truly believed this god existed. I simply went along with it, because it was expected of me. I went along with it because I was told to.

Blind faith is something I envy. I will never have that comfort, that feeling of protection or security that comes with religion. I will never have that luxury. People who believe in a god are courageous in their own right. I admire how they need no proof, no physical evidence, to show them that what they worship is really there. It's an innocence of sorts that many do not posess.

Religion isn't for me. 'God' isn't for me. I'm not the kind of person who would want to read a bible. Yet, there are still people who try to force their beliefs on me. I detest this. I don't judge people who believe in a god, why should people who belive in a god judge me? This is the reason why I wrote this entry. For the past 48 hours I have been harassed by a bible-thumping, Jesus groupie, and I'm up to my neck with religion! "To each his own", "Live and let live", words to live by, no? I accept you the way you are, why not accept me?


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