Razor-edged Beauty...
2003-08-17 @ 1:23 a.m.

I followed the lines of her face with my fingers, and toyed with the idea of kissing her. Just one kiss. Just once. I played the thoughts out in my mind. I imagined what we'd do. What we'd say. Where we'd touch. Touch. Just one touch. She saw the change in me. And she changed on me.

Her eyes black. Her lips tight. Her face hard.

I cut myself on the serrated knife that became her skin. Razor-edged beauty. Her eyes burned holes in me. Her eyes burned me. Her eyes killed me. She bit down on my lips. You wanted your kiss, now you have it. Blood came, but it made no difference.

Blood came, but she didn't stop. I didn't stop.

We only went faster.

Blood-streaked and bruised, we only went faster.


Listening to: "Cursed Female" by Porno for Pyros

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