Fuck Tea
2003-08-19 @ 5:17 a.m.

Warm waters dissolve me in you, as my rains pour down,
as my reigns pull down on my body.

And a cupful would blow my mind, we could blow and grind
'til the morning's light, 'til the morning.

Sugar or milk? I'd say, as I'd take two cubes,
as I'd pour the lube on you.

Drinking ourselves down, slurping down the
sounds of the paper-thin walled room, the sounds to assume.

And everyone heard the screams of our Fuck Tea that day, of the Fuck Tea
we'd say never happened.

And as Tea Time rolls 'round again, rolls 'round the bend,
I can honestly say...

Another mouthful, please.
Fuck me.


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