Only Envy...
2003-08-21 @ 2:15 a.m.

Casting envy's stare. Green eyes staring toward me.

...and they saw right through past me.
They saw what they wanted nothing of me.

Green eyes glazed, watching out toward me. Snake lips snarled, eyes naked of emotion. Raw. No assumptions here. Only envy.

...and they saw nothing what they wanted of me.
They saw right past through me.

Void, empty, vacant. Vacant of everything but one.
Envy and nothing more. Envy and...

Envy and...

Envy and nothing.

...those eyes saw right through me. They saw envy. Those eyes saw envy.
Envy saw envy.

Only envy.

I want your mind.

I envy you.

...and you envy me.

You saw right through me. You saw nothing you wanted...


Listening to: "The Crawl" by Placebo

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