Rainbow Addict
2003-08-23 @ 11:41 p.m.

A swirl of color
Vision's fuzzing
..and I see pills
Little pills
Pills in all the
colors of the
Pills in all the
colors of
On the counter
In the cabinet
In my mouth
Perfectly sealed
in a silver package
Silver treasure
Rainbow treasure

I pop a red pill
and my world melts
the clouds are smiling
and the floor dips
An orange one, next
and I can see the
smell of orchids
in the sky
above our heads
Then, yellow made my
heart beat faster
my breath come quicker
and made my eyelids flutter
Green made me sleep
deep, almost coma-like
and I was lost in a world
of phobias
Blue made me want to touch
Touch you, made me want to
touch myself
It made me love you
Indigo made no effect at all
No cheap hallucinations
no enlightenment
no real scare

Unsatisfied, I need a high
Nothing else but violet
Gone through with everything
but violet
So, I pop a pill
A violet pill
...and violet made me

Violet made me overdose.

My rainbow pills kill
The rainbow kills.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Drugs. What exactly makes drugs so bad? Why are they looked down upon? Why are they taboo? I, for one, see drugs as a tool to help us amplify feelings, emotions, sensations, and the world around us. Pop a pill, and it makes you love everyone around you. Another might make you mellow, and have drowsiness overcome you. It's medicine for the nerves, it's medicine that effects the way we feel and percieve things. What's so bad about medicine?


Listening to: "Something Rotten" by Placebo

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