Much Too Pretty...
2003-08-26 @ 9:38 p.m.

He spat at you today, he bruised your wrists today, he kicked and punched you today, and you thought nothing of it.

He broke your lip with his new ring today, and you brushed it off, as if nothing happened. Silver, hard, and blood-streaked, his ring on his finger.

Your blood on his hands.

He bit on your lip today, while he groped and kissed you, tonguing at your back molars. He made sure he bit down on the broken skin of your lips, he made sure to make them hurt their best.

He makes you hurt your best.

...and you let him have his way with you in the back seat of his bullshit car. Your bare skin stuck to the vinyl cushions, and stung when pulled from them. It was hot, and the seat belts burnt your legs. He was rough with you, he didn't care about you, he made you cry.

You cried, but you thought nothing of it.

...and he beat you after your back seat disaster. He beat you when you wouldn't do what he said. He kissed you again, sloppily, violently, and beat you.

He beat you.

...and you thought nothing of it.

You're much too pretty for this.

Much too pretty...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thank you Carrie, for inspiring me to write this entry. I earnestly hope that everything goes well with you, and I hope you're alright.

You're much too pretty to be this sad...
Much too pretty.


Listening to: "Modern World" by Modern Lovers

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