Obliged To Smile
2003-08-29 @ 10:57 p.m.

Wry-smiled face
empty of sincerity
That's me
That's you
Awkward stares
and tight-lipped faces
The face of coy
Our face
I softly said, Hi
and introduced myself to you
and you were obliged
to respond
Obliged to smile
Hi, you responded
Keeping a hushed tone
I hope we're never in this
position again
I hope we're never put in this
situation again
I hate having to
force a smile
Oblige a smile
to form

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

My first week of high school has just passed me by, and I can honestly say I like it. My teachers are O.K., for the most part, and I'm meeting new people. I've been surprisingly outgoing, at least by my standards, and I've made about five new aquaintences. It all starts out very awkward, much like the "poem" above.

I wrote the "poem" during my computer class, after "befriending" an Argentinian girl named Carla. She has amazing style, and has the cutest chopped hairdo.


Listening to: "Obstacle 2" by Interpol

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