Erotic and Neurotic
2003-08-30 @ 11:57 p.m.

Listless upon command of the sounds of soundlessness, and of the headphones you listen and gyrate to, my prince. You escape the inescapable in your escapes to find a life. To get a life, as you have been told to do.

...and you dance to the music of nothing. You tempt us with your hips, and they call to us, hypnotize us, my prince.

I'm lost in your movements, your gestures and expressions. You smile and I melt. You frown and I melt. You lick the tips of your fingers, to taste nothing at all, to taste nothing but flesh, your flesh. I melt.

I melt at the taste of your flesh.

...and they call you crazy when you pass them by. Jittery, pretty boy. Jittery eroticism. Shaky kisses and jagged first attempts, only you do it best.

...and you smile only when the good guy dies in movies, though this never happens.

...and you cry when the bad guy dies on film, the way it always ends.

They call you crazy, and I want you.


Listening to: "Something Rotten" by Placebo

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