Tango Fetish
2003-08-31 @ 11:49 p.m.

You walked faster with each inhaling breath. Feet tapped the sidewalk hastily. I could hear the desperation in your steps, and it was music to my ears.

I sang along to the unease on your face, set upon each feature like a shadow. Your eyes set to the melodies of restlessness, and your lips danced along to mine. Each of your gestures seemed like a dance to me, a dance to this song of nervousness.

You looked back, and moved faster, and I moved faster, still. Catching up to our tango, of sorts. I walked to the rhythms of your escape, and you walked to the rhythms of my advance. Taking the lead. You were just taking the lead.

...and I couldn't stop myself from touching, and I didn't notice when you screamed. I tried to muffle your yelling, and...

...now we're back at phase one. You're avoiding me once more, but I'll change that. I always do. I'll make the first move, and then you'll take the lead, as you run and I'll follow.

You run, and I follow.

Tango of an obsession, tango of a fetish, tango of a thing I have for you...

...and you're still leading, and I'm still following, tracing over your movements with mine. We perform this tango, but I still haven't asked:
May I have this dance?


Listening to: The sound of your unease...

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