The Show Must Go On
2003-09-05 @ 10:30 p.m.

Three ring tragedy, but the show must go on. No curtains to draw in this mess, no improvisations, just keep going. They all know what went wrong, but just keep going.

The show must go on.

Standing center-stage, the ring leader beneath the spot light. Standing slumped, hunched over, lazilly, the light makes shadows on her face. Top hat tilted forward, and we can't see her eyes. She's hiding her eyes. Is she hiding from us, or the light?

Her eyeliner smeared across her angel-shadowed face, her angel-lit face, her angel face. Angel Face. Stuttering, stammering, nervous, choking on words, choking on lost breaths. You lost your breath, and can't find it. You're breathless.

The show must go on.

Empty seats crowd around the rings, empty faces stare. Empty, it's all empty here. Paper, food wrappers litter the ground, papers litter the ground, and imaginary people step on them. You watch the people in the seats, but they aren't there.

Baton in hand, you stammer past a few spoken lines, half-forgetting what to do, what to say, why you're here. Why are you here? You're here to toture yourself, you're here to punish yourself, you're here because...

...because the show must go on

Empty faces stare at the shadow-faced girl, the girl who can't seem to talk. Bodies of the invisible fill up the seats that crowd around her, they crowd her.

It's croweded here, though no one's around.

The show must go on.

...because the show must go on.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I have learned that "school" is another word for "time consuming bastard". If only I didn't have so much to do, I'd enjoy it better...

The show must go on...

That basically means I'm screwed.


Listening to: Joanna's voice in my head, telling me about Daisy Dudpetals (sp?) and female impersonators... to the music of Sleater-Kinney's "Combat Rock"

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