The Velvet Teen
2003-09-09 @ 3:56 p.m.

Cocked your head to one side, and drained the noise out of your head through your ears. The constant yelling screaming made you dizzy scream in return, and the cycle of echoed voices would never end.

...but you ignored it, 'til it went away.

The Velvet Teen, clad in velveteen, high on sugar and morphine, but you claim you're still clean. Mr. Obscene, drag queen, sex machine makes-a-scene.

You're the sex god to the gods.

Leaning against the wall, the Velvet Teen, lip-licking, lash flicking, eyelids fluttering, flirting with your minds. He wants attention, he wants your love. Love him, and I'm sure he'll love you in return.

Man-slut, guy-whore, male-bitch, the Velvet Teen takes credit for all. Love him, and I'm sure he'll love you back.

The Velvet Teen flaunts his sexuality like he flaunts everything else.

He's gorgeous, the lip-licking, eyelid fluttering sex god to the gods. Sex machine high on morphine, you're a god.

You blow my mind.

Velvet Teen, you blow my mind.

Velvet Teen, you're clad in velveteen, but velvet is what you want.

Velvet is what you want.

I can be velvet.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I wrote this about "Brian-Molko-Boy" (originally mentioned here).

I watched him today, and I learned his name.

He looked gorgeous, his tanned skin matching perfectly with the red and blue plaid of his shirt. His pants, worn low, oh, so low, were held up with a playful, yellow belt... and his hair. Oh, don't even get me started on his hair. It's immaculate! Perfect! Black and messy, gelled down in the front, and wild in the back. Little rebel that he is, silver hanging from his ears, and that look in his eye. You know, that look...

...and they say he's gay.

Or so they say, but you know how things are. I was told he was gay by two straight guys, and they're usually the ones who go and make those kinds of rumors, simply to assure themselves of their masculinity...

How sickening.

I hope he's, at least, bisexual. He's much too good-looking to be dedicated to just one sex. He should be bi and make EVERYONE happy!

I want him to make me happy...

I just reread what I wrote before, and I've realized that I epitomize the typical, obsessed freshman...

I'm such a freshman.


Listening to: "Magazines" by The Brand New

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