Acid Solution
2003-09-14 @ 5:34 p.m.

We jarred our minds in order to find a solution to wash away at the problems that eat at us. The problems that burn at us, make us sting, sting our eyes.

Acid Problems.

Acid Problems take the forms of acid laughs, acid punches, acid fists and dig, claw, scratch deep into the weaving of our disillusionment.

We're disillusioned by acid fists and acid trauma.

...we're make-believe without them.

Acid Problems make it real.

...but Acid Solutions make it better.

Acid Solutions wash, burn, eat away at Acid Problems, and make everything pretty for you once again.

Get ready for the acid smiles, acid glances, acid touches. Those, in many ways, are more lethal than acid fists.

We're all acid.

I'm acid.

Acid Solution to the Acid Problem, because we've been disillusioned.


Listening to: Nothing, really. Just imagining how it would be to walk up to random people at school and say, "Hi, I'm in Photo Club, and I was wondering, can I take your picture?".

I'm going to die tomorrow when I have to do that.

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