2003-09-18 @ 6:59 p.m.

He speaks with the stalactites hanging from the roof of his cave of a mouth, and they drip their moisture onto his floor of a tongue. He screams, and I can hear the roaring of beasts hiding in the dark of that cave, I hear the flapping of frantic bat wings, I hear him. He's savage, primal, angry.

Emotionwhore. You exaggerate, dramatize, and you yell. You yell so very loud.

My ears are ringing.


...and you yell, and yell, and yell.



It's no one worth talking to.


The yelling just doesn't stop, and my ears are still ringing.


Emotionwhore dramatizations, exaggerations, and manifestations make me sick, dizzy, they make my ears ring.

My ears are ringing.


I want nothing more than to shut you up...


Listening to: "Dirty Fingernails" by Modest Mouse

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