Subliminal Kiss
2003-09-27 @ 2:23 a.m.

Subliminal kisses run from second-hand smoke designs
that twist and choke the air above our heads
then evaporates, disappears, clears away
until nothing is left but a shadow
a shadow of the sweet aroma of nicotine sweets

A lit cigarette amongst ashtray hearts, and dirty fingernails that chip away at the rotting design of this addiction
Dirty fingernails
and we're biting our nails 'cause we need a fix
A fix to fix the naggings of cigarette infatuations.

One quick drag and we're done.

So won't you take a drag of me?
While I breathe your smoke
[IN]hale | [EX]hale
Pristine Addiction
'cause I'm running on this
Running on your breath
Breathing a poison
I'm IN[haling] a poison

And when I saw you were about to put your cigarette out
I snatched it from your fingers
and put my lips where yours once were
I'm shadowing your lips with mine
and I take a drag
Drag you down with me
and we share this subliminal kiss
in the sweet aromas of nicotine sweets

In twenty years you'll become my cancer
but for now you're an addiction
a mere addiction
beauty embodied in a slender cylinder of white

Taking the cigarette from my mouth
My lips
and now I'm ready to put you out.


Listening to: "Some Incriminating Photographs" by The Faint

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