Vacuum-cleaner Lips
2003-10-11 @ 10:11 p.m.

Vacuum-cleaner lips suck me dry
Suctions my spine
Turn you to high
Pressing my face up to your glass eyes
They'd shatter in their sockets if only you'd cry
Suck in these salts as if they were wine
Drunk in this pleasure design
Drunk in a pleasure high

Vacuum-cleaner lips suction between my thighs
Parting your lips and I claim you're mine
Legs wrapped in legs, bodies entwine
Someone screams, someone moans, another just sighs
And you said you didn't want to, you said you were shy
I guess you lied

The alcohol spills and all is fine

Sockets hollowed, empty of eyes
I claimed yours as mine, I claimed you as mine
Violence and pleasure, I assume we combine
Add to amount to this pleasure design

Vacuum-cleaner lips bleed and they cry
For release from these lips, red lips; mine.


Listening to: "Drink You Pretty" by Placebo

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