My Ode to Prince Charming
2003-10-21 @ 12:06 a.m.

Watching you walk -or rather, move- has to be just as-fucking-good as having you lay between my thighs, 'cause from the way my eyes take you in, you're just that good.

Watching you smile has to be just as-fucking-good as having you brush your soft, waxen lips against mine. A kiss? Oh, don't mind if I do -don't mind if I do.

I've been waiting for a something-quite-like-this for too-long a time, much too-fucking-long. So, why don't you just go for it? Go for it. Do it.

Here, I'll even give you my glass slipper. Let's just skip the formalities and get this over with.

Let's get right to the point.



Listening to: "My Sweet Prince" by Placebo

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