Divine Intervention
2003-11-01 @ 1:28 a.m.


I ran, spineless, through the trails left by your fingers and crashed into your gray matter. Colliding within the liquid thoughts in your mind, nails were embedded into my palms, and I became Christ.

What a mess I've gotten myself into.
I've broken myself in your mind.

Pushing the pieces into place, I tried to fuse myself back together. I prayed but to no avail. There's nothing there, anyway. It's all in our heads.

You tried to intervene and used your hands to try to benefit my cause, but in the end, your internvention caused the break of you. It seems super-glue isn't a cure for all problems.

It seems breakage is contagious.

I caused for your break, but you hold the fault for mine.
Lets not point the finger here.

Learn not to trip me while I'm running, I may take you down in the fall...

It really isn't so hard to drag you down.

I'm unpredictable.

You're simply divine.

Fuse me to your thoughts and lets cause each other trouble. We can all use some more life to live, anyway.


Listening to: "Eat the Sun" by The Mars Volta

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