Consumer Needs
2003-12-02 @ 12:18 p.m.

Factory line blues
down the conveyor belt of
we produce
and reproduce
with the machinery
evolved by the human
Hands touch upon hands
and work at it
to make a complete, and
seemingly imperfect
copy of the parents
Because we're trying to make
one-of-a-kind pieces here.
Because we're trying to reach
a wider range of consumers.
Consumption makes for
recreation, and in
recreation we have
procreation. We'll
just take it down the
assembly line.
Model No. 1764
A boy? A girl? A
something other? We'll
put it on display at
one of our national
They'll be sure to sell
for the holidays.

We'll surely meet quota. We'll
meet demand.

Rubbers tear, anyway, might as
well skip them, right?

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