Drunkard Bitch
2003-12-09 @ 11:44 p.m.

I c-c-cut my tongue on your fingertips;
gloved in leather skins of self importance.
Arogant air,
I'm chokin' 'round you, 'cause
you steal up the oxygen with your
vacuum ego.

I c-c-closed my eyes when I saw you comin',
one foot 'font the other like
no one else does.
Lickin' those pouted lips wet,
you're almost convincin' me you're decent.
So decent.

I s-s-skinned my knees when I begged for you
when I asked to be
just like you.
Venom eyes, they poison mine,
'cause I never felt so alive since the

Rum, 40% alcohol-labeled
vodka bottles, liquor, booze.
Oooh, I'm you, so bite
your tongue, bitch.
You've wasted.

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