Saturday Escapade
2003-12-14 @ 2:38 a.m.

12:58 on a Sunday morning coming home from a Saturday night full of utter craziness. Standing, staring at a mirrored image of myself reflected upon a sliding glass door -hair a mess, jacket ruffled, skirt wrinkled, makeup running, smeared, and faded- a flawless image of debauchery.

A movie replayed in my mind of all that happened on this day -well, the day prior. I didn't want to forget.

At 5:40 PM I made my way down to Sunset Place, Nicole's party had been cancelled, and she asked for me to meet her there, so I did. At 6:30, or so, I met Nicole, Elena, Ashley, and Vincent at some gelato place, and I made my way to the movie theater to get my tickets for the 7:25 showing of "The Cat in the Hat".

Hot Topic employs hot gay guys. I just thought I should make a note of that.

Clowns like goth people. I just thought I should note that, too.

Daphne met up with the lot of us some time later, and we made our way across the street to Wendy's for something to eat. It seems our high school budgets make Johnny Rocket's too expensive for our taste.

The line turns out to be too damn long, and we're too chicken to use the drive thru, and Elena and Vincent should really consider dating each other. They just seem so perfect together.

We go to the movie. The movie rocks. "The Cat in the Hat" sports tons of adult humor. You dirty hoe! Ah. I love that line.

I got a totally 80's bracelet at Hot Topic. It was cute. After a while Daphne, Ashley, and Vincent went home. Elena, Nicole, and I stayed and went on a hunt for birthday cards for Elena's parents.

Barnes & Noble has crappy cards, so we went to Eckerd's. Eckerd's had way cool makeup on clearance. Nicole and I raided the baskets. We got funky nail polish.

Elena gets picked up. Nicole and I are left to wander. We make our way to Starbucks. Cute indie boys were dicussing random crap there. I had a whipped cream-less mocha frapuccino.

Nicole and I then made our way to Barnes & Noble again, and asked people random crap. We made this asian computer programmer guy feel really uncomfortable when Nicole questioned his sexuality. The Barnes & Noble employee tried to get us kicked out of the store. All we were doing was painting our nails on a miniature stage in the children's section. We weren't doing anything wrong.

Nicole gets the idea of taking the metro to the last stop -as far as it can go. I call my mom and I lie to her, I tell her that the film was damaged half-way through the movie, and we were entering a showing right at that moment. I told her I might be home a bit late. It was 10:20 at this point.

Nicole and I walk to the metro station, and we board the metro. We sparked conversation with this cute 27 year old lady named Winona. She looked younger. She thought we were older. She laughed when we told her our situation. She was too cool. I liked her makeup. I hope to see her again. Visit Dan Marino's, she totally works there.

We contemplated going with her to Miami Beach, but we decided not to. We got off at the Government Center with her, and we said our goodbye's. Bayside looked appealing, so we boarded the Metro Mover.

The Metro Mover was empty except for us, a handicapped woman with Target bags resting on her lap, and a drunk man we had seen before on a field trip to the Miami Art Museum. He approached us and said we should feel sympathy for people who are handicapped, in spanish. Nicole told him she didn't speak spanish. He was offended, and he kept saying, "Yo hablo espanol." We got off the Metro Mover, and he followed. Freaked out, we looked for a cop. There were none about.

We went to the Downtown Holiday Village crap. It was shit. The drunk was there. Tickets were a dollar a pop. Not tickets to enter, tickets to ride the rides. At 3-6 tickets per ride, Nicole and I refused to partake of any of these activities. I swear, Miami is so fucking expensive.

We walked down Flager, making our way back to the Government Center. It had to have been 12 at this point. Not too late, but we wanted to get home. Downtown Miami is so empty at this time. It's scary. We were scared.

Finally, at the Government Center. We boarded the metro after waiting close to forever for it to arrive. The car was nearly empty. We started singing 80's songs, and went into an extremely off-key, and drunkard, rendition of Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing". The other metro rider seemed annoyed.

We got off at the Douglas station and called for Nicole's mom to pick us up. Nicole decided to lay down on the ground outside the station. Some black guy said, "Get up! Have some respect fo' yo self!" We thought it to be extremely hilarious.

Nicole's mom drove me home.

This night was too much fun.

I like to dance, though I have no rhythm. Just thought I should make a note of that.

Elena has no shame. Daphne has cool earrings. Ashley will die if she even thinks about Orlando Bloom. Vincent has skinny legs.

Nicole said I'm spontaneous.

I screamed at some guys playing some music at Sunset Place. I screamed while they were playing some songs. I said, "I wanna do the lead singer!"

I had fun.

Now I need a shower... and a sandwich.


Listening to: "Clocks" by Coldplay
It's been stuck in my head all day.

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