Train Wreck Satisfaction
2004-03-08 @ 12:26 a.m.

Skin enchanted by pink, pretty faeries dances with electricity, and burns me with static. I'm spaked by the touch and I'm stuck to you now. My hair is standing on end, I'm electrified.

I stick a fork in your socket just to give me a startle. Electric blue shines the silver of your eye. You give a glossed glace over the quivering outlets, lace a finger in the circuits, and fall in like with my life.

Blood and bone is something you've never had to play with, so I give you an arm, a leg, a lung, a rib, a touch. Cold steel is nice to play with when all you've got is fire, but fire lives only in the flesh.

You put a finger in me, to see if I cause a startle, but no spark came from cold metal on wet skin. Deeper yet you dug to find my extension cable and deeper yet you dug in me to find the heat.

The wiring came loose, your insides exposed, I licked your heart and I died on contact.

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