Shhh. Inaudible Tamperings.
2004-03-08 @ 12:13 a.m.

Okay, so check it. We ran and ran and ran for years and decades and centuries and nothing amounted of it. We wasted time and life and love and all we strive to have, but nothing came of it. We chased forever down the past and then made a right on the future, skipped back to memory lane and fastforwarded to the present, and nothing happened from it.

I lived forever in a second just to show you I could. I counted backwards from a million while you counted from one to ten. I saw the dinosaurs die and then become once more. I saw people die, live, and borned, in that order. I've been now and I've been then and I'll be... but that doesn't seem to matter.

I lived too fast for my sake, or was that too slow? I took things too far, or was that lacking distance?

I wrote the story of the world for you, but you don't seem to matter.

I exaggerate my accomplishments, 'cause I'm a liar.

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