2004-03-07 @ 11:54 p.m.

She's spillin' an empty too plentiful to stand. Mouth open wide, she takes blow-up doll stance, legs spread and eyes blank. Starin' sideways at what happens to pass by, she's naked of expression. She's fucked of sensation.

Condom wastes in wastebasket graves sleep their tender sleep of spilled seeds, because a baby came to be in this stricken infirmary where no egg and no ma' came to claim the kid, so it waned on the city streets fuckin' condom-skinned dicks.

She grew backwards from old and became kid again, when she found what she had missed and lost and would never gain again. She was twenty going on fifty, living years in minutes' time, aging horribly in step with her clients.

So she locked her legs and closed her mouth, wiped the cum off her chin, and wandered 'bout her business wonderin' how her life would begin. From toy to woman she transformed herself in less than a day. Too bad the new left her before she had a chance to display her understandings of the ways the world would fuck you, anyway.

Fuck it, the money's worth it, all she needed was to get paid.

Hell, at least the girl's getting laid.

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