I suppose...
2004-03-07 @ 1:32 a.m.

I tore the seams and folded over the fabric that makes reality so I can see another side of things; a backward mentality.

I saw the stars breathe fireflies at night out of jealousy. They wanted to be the only source of light to see reflections of themselves in dreamers' eyes. I saw them exhale the bulbs again, maybe in rewind? As time turned back and spun another movie for us, one that undid the done and renewed the old; a remote controlled fountain of youth.

And that proves to me you've gotten through your logics and reasonings and points of view. Seduction through intellect, I never knew, was a possibility. For love to hit those who claim they aren't fools is hypocrisy, so we're intellectual fools who say what they mean but don't mean it.

It's hopeless.

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