Primary Comfort
2004-03-29 @ 12:10 a.m.

Swirling in the happy grayscale where this black stain on that white one make a million different shades to look into.

Caught elbow-deep in the palatte of reds. Primary rose of cheek blush and lip lust and blood loss and head rush headaches and capsule comfort, over-the-counter.

Dipping my fingers into the blues with sad songs and rainy days and raspy voices that sing of days past and loves lost and lives gone and chances erased and nothing good.

Caressing yellow days and sun beams caught overhead with yellow birds singing yellow songs and happy tunes racing past their heads... Honey.

Abstract canvas, wood-framed and framed of crime, with primary colors and their saturations and absences melding into one 'til they become none. Simple abomination of sight and eye's sound and taste and touch.

Art; what a sensation.

Don't get caught outside the lines.

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