Deliver Me
2004-04-16 @ 12:39 a.m.

Falling from the heights that craved attention, and screaming at lung's tops to call to all who'd pay heed and pay ear's malfunction: hearing.

Topsy-ing and turvy-ing up and down spiral staircases, tripping on each and every step, just to cause a laugh amongst the humorless.

Smiling too much for sake's good, flashing plastic in each cheshire grin for pseudo-courtesy's sake.

Laughing too much for comedic deliverance while making too many undigestible statements where humor withered where it should have been... Cackles echo off the padded walls inside consciousness, but restraint jackets don't serve to hold them back or down or still.

Empty silence.

Crickets chirp.

Angry audience.

No satisfaction.

What's been delivered is far from deliverance.

Deliver us.

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