Claimed at Check-Out
2004-04-19 @ 10:18 p.m.

Running out of nothing, so run to the store to stock on piles, stock pile nothing. Just pretend to have a purpose; pretend you need to be.

Need something to do, but can't buy time or buy it ready-wasted at a cheaper price, so store bought importance seems out of the question. Stop asking, stop asking; period punctuate, no interrogative ending.

Find need. Find aspirin down the cold-relief isle. Find nail polish, tampons; find a reason to be. Find an alibi, know to be somewhere when nothing should be happening. Find exact change in your left pant pocket. Find small talk to share with the cashier.

Lose time. Lose yourself.

Find your way back home.

Lose purpose.

Find your need to need to be, and find yourself finding your way back to the store; back to purpose.

Finally needed; finally lost; finally found.

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