Get Me Dry of God
2004-05-04 @ 11:57 p.m.

Come here, boy, and sing me a lullaby, one that's sweet enough to put me at ease but not so much as to put me to sleep; keep me aware.

Sing me a story of the Farse Fairy and her tales, but don't lie to me of happily ever afters and prince charmings and perfection; I need fact in this fictitious world.

Recite to me the alphabet of moral teachings in childrens' entertainment; the teachings of society's standards of what is good and that which apparently isn't.

Kill the mainstream ideal that accepts the word of that Christian god.

He has no place in my hearts.

These thoughts of yours, of hers, and his, and sometimes even mine, are oversaturated, overwet, dripping with the excess of that good ol' Christianity, and all I need is a towel, please, to dry myself off.


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