2004-06-06 @ 10:38 p.m.

I'll be damned if I'm not some kind of Casa Nova playing lady's man as I fight them off with my walking cane, but I'm still a gentleman and say excuse me and I'm sorry if I think they're hurtin' from my size. They always thank me in advance, anyway, for sex, that is... So it's almost as if my apologies aren't necessary, you know.

I tell them what to do and they do it. Call it charm , but I know it's something no one else has. My gals, they only give way to my finger tips tainted orange from their bottle tanned skins... I'm the only man who can sway them into seven inch pumps.

They're hot with their blond hair bordering gold or silver... Or a combination of the two, you know, since I just can't decide. And their lips are so red it hurts not to kiss them. Their eyes are so wide I can't look away.

Yeah, they're hot, but honey, I'm hotter, no AC trickling the sweat down my back. Browned wife beater lying limp on my wire-haired covered chest. Oh yeah, baby, you know this cellulite-slathered veal ass is only tender for you.

You know I'm so hot. That bald spot on my head just makes you want me, baby, I know. My greasy skin raging red from popped pimples would make any lady swoon where she stands.

I'm naked from the bottom down, you know. I'm ready for you when you pounce, you know. No condoms, though, babe, I'm not the type for numbed sensations... My girls love it when I'm man to them, you know.

Step-step. Step-step.

So excited, I can feel myself coming. Coming closer, coming fast, coming soon.

Step-step. Step-step.

Oh, yeah, baby you've got me knocking. Limp member in my hand rocking my world. I'm turning the key. I'm about to walk in. I'm going to come for you baby... Just watch.

Step-step. Step-step.

I opened the door. I'm coming! I'm coming! Gerald! What are you doing?! Oh, fuck, ma! What are you doing here so soon?! Gerald! Get your clothes on!!! Oh, fuck, oh fuck! Ma, I couldn't hear you! What the hell?! You always complain about how my steps wake you up!

Oh fuck. I'm fucked for pleasuring to porn while still living at home at forty-seven. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. My girls... they've gone! All thanks to that fucking wench who discontinued my credit cards.

But my girls still love me, they always will, or so that's what they said when I watched them on their webcams and while with myself I played.

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