So She Fucked?!
2004-06-30 @ 12:55 a.m.

Becoming dissipated in her x-rated starting line, c-counting paragraphs just as the gun sounds out the starting time, she's rocking coital stances as first romances are walking out the door, she's losing time and losing her prime.

Unending the beginnings of first kiss wonder stares and kissing the endings of late night truth or dares. She's discarded condom kind of love.

...and GO!

She starts and stumbles 'cause running in heels is never a good idea. She's misinformed and misunderstood, she's crossed out. She jumps and jitters, moans and glitters, she shines her sweat soaked sheen. She's screaming her head off riding his head off. She's COMING...

She's here.

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