Go Down
2005-07-31 @ 11:49 p.m.

I want to push you down, kid, go down on you, kid. I want to pull your pants down, your tight black pants, kid. I want to mess up your hair, kid, untame you, kid. I want to lick your lips, kid, I want you.

I want to breathe the smoke you've already inhaled into your lungs. Who needs a cigarette when I've got your sweet second-hand?

I want to give you a hand, kid, I'll hold your hand, kid. I want to be yours, kid, I want to be you, kid. I want to undress you, kid, I want to impress you. I want to make you hot, kid, make you hot for me, and when I finally do you can go down on me.

How Claudia Got Her Groove Back Part 2

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