2005-08-01 @ 11:36 p.m.

Feet tapped to that militant rhythm, that hypnotic and carnal pulse that made it's way into our ears. Bodies moved and shared their sweat with one another. It was crazy boozed-up, drugged-up, downtown, down-and-dirty dancing, and everyone nodded to that beat. Hearts pounded in time to the music, making the thump louder in the room. We danced with strangers like we would with lovers, lusting only till the song was over, loving only as long as we could move.

And it was one, two, three, four counts until that baseline would kick in and then five, six, seven, eight until I fell in love with him. It was one, two, three, four beats before I could catch my breath, and five, six, seven, eight until I fell out of love again.

Can I have this dance?

How Claudia Got Her Groove Back Part 4

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