Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
2005-08-03 @ 2:08 a.m.

Shining silverware gleaming in the light of that chandelier also reflected in the white of the fine china, the sparkling sparkling wine, and the empty eyes of everyone there. The light danced on their diamonds and created multifacteted shadows on their gaunt faces.

Mindless chatter, unimporant small talk, and the clacks of forks and spoons and knives knicking the china polluted their ears and minds with the vast monotony of their everyday lives.

And once it's over they go through their tried and true formalities passed down from Charm School teacher to pupil for generations and say their goodbyes in an oh-so-New England-y fashion wearing the latest fashions.

Fancy or whatever.

How Claudia Got Her Groove Back Part 7

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