My Ode to Prince Charming, Part Two
2005-12-29 @ 4:26 p.m.

He was the myth in our thoughts, that man, the one that was never meant to exist and never will, that for centuries has been captured in text but has always seemed to evade reality. He was beyond us, outside our comprehension, too abstract to be understood, too good to be real. To ride up on a steed, sleigh the dragon and save the day, get the girl, live the life, set the par, and heighten expectations to the level of that par.

That bar set so high only one with wings would be able to reach, but Icarus got too close and fell from his inability to see its sun. And no one would be able to reach that bar, that archetype, unrealistic in its bounds and limits, was one of fantasy.

And only in our minds and in our thoughts does he exist, sweeping away the maiden and taking her away.

...and they lived happily ever after.

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