"Six Years From Now..." said the Anonymous Girl
2003-10-02 @ 1:01 a.m.

Six years from now, needle sticking out of an outstretched arm. Needle stabbing, jabbing forth from my arm. The needle pointing at you, and what do you have to say about me?

Six years from now, shooting up during the early hours of the morning. Three a.m. nightmares on a tiled, bathroom floor. With vomit and blood and smoke and cigarettes and mascara and bruises covering the real meaning; the real me.

Six years from now I'm covered in a shroud of faceless animosity, and I couldn't care less.

Six years from now I'm sitting up in bed, feeling faint, feeling weak, feeling as if I were about to die, and I'm laughing, 'cause I know I did this to myself.

Six years from now I'm a wreck, I'm a liar, a theif, an anonymous girl.

Six years from now I'm just another fucking junkie.

Six years from now I'll amount to nothing, 'cause that's all we can ever hope to amount to.

Six years from now will be The End.
['cause there's nothing more to say or add or do]


Listening to: "Padraic My Prince" by Bright Eyes

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