Midnight Cynicism
2003-11-13 @ 12:18 a.m.

Cellos, violas, violins, and bass, all in tune to one big picture. Bows at hand, poised for battle, and the strings play like mad in the unison of breathing that causes all the oxygen to be sucked out of the room, and in that unison they release the breath, causing a hurricane, a maelstrom, of carbon dioxide; air that's already been inside of us. Fingers pick at notes and play the music of this high... and I'm dizzy and I'm light-headed from this lack of breathing. No oxygen to my brain, and I continue to play the song the symbols on the paper tell me to play, and some kid on drums drums along and we follow his militant rhythm. What a musical array of lost consciousness. We just lost a celloist to the loss of air in this space.

So don't mind me if I breathe out of time... it might be off beat, but I'll only be one step ahead of you.

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