Holy fuck, she's COMATOSE!
2003-11-25 @ 8:38 a.m.

It thuds and echoes off the walls of this hallway, out from the open door of the thought-to-be-empty bathroom. Lightswitch disillusionment sets in when the lights are turned to on and everything is set ablaze from the black it once was. Something behind the shower curtain casts a shadow on the wall behind it, a faceless giant devoid of light. Curtains pulled back, they expose the wet, naked body of a young girl that seemed sweetly sixteen. Passed out, cold. Liquor bottle clutched in her hand, fisted in a drunken fury. Cigarette burnt out between her lips, and a trail of white ash down her chest. A single, soiled condom lay between her thighs smeared in his and hers matching body fluids.

She's out of it. She's out. She's bleeding from the head. She's knocked out. She's half-dead. She's comatose. She's fucking comatose.

She must have had some night.
...she must have had a blast.

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