What If You Get Shot?
2003-12-07 @ 3:11 p.m.

Are you trying to talk to me? Are you trying to tell me something? Are you trying to grasp my ADD-afflicted attention span? Are you trying to get me to listen? Are you sure I won't criticize? Are you willing to make your statement? Are you ready to count your seconds?

What if I try to cast a shadow over what you're tryin' to say? What if I one-up you, darlin'? What if I beat down your way? What if I try to change you mind? But weren't you tryin' to make that change in me? What if I make grenades crash down on the words you're spillin'?

What if I laugh at you? Will you be ready for that? What if I'm insensitive? Your emotion isn't my priority. I can't guarantee I'll listen. What if I try and change your words? What if I hear only what I want to? What if I miss your point entirely? What if I misinterpret? What if I give in to apathy? What if I just walk away? What if I get tired of you? What if I get tired of your voice? What if I don't want to listen? Will you try to make me?

See, I -I couldn't hear you. I was too fuckin' busy listening to the buzz of the traffic outside the window. Cars crashin', horns honkin', tires screechin' on black pavement and asphalt; music. Lovely music, along with the sound of my tongue clicking in my head. Click, click. It sounds like I'm cocking a gun.


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