Silver Screened Blasphemy
2004-02-29 @ 3:01 p.m.

Red curtains drawn apart, an asexual birth, as two sides come from one when some nameless, faceless man behind what one is meant to see pulls at some rope with his calloused hands and causes this divide. This man could be called God, but no one really notices.

His deciples, center stage, all sub-level sub-socialites vying for credibility in a world where no one should be deemed credible 'cause they aren't real themselves; angels in costumes of drug lords and whores and all those other good guys; the "real" world in illusion, scripted and organized, like lives should truly be.

A murderer played by an angel, halo and all, just like it should be...

A silver screened reality where anyone can get into the appropriately rated heaven for about seven ninety-nine and a little extra for a popcorn or a drink.

Ticket stub in hand, sitting three rows from the back, two seats down from "God"... His trucker hat obstructing some old guy's view. Paradise.

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