Self-Esteem Undone
2004-03-28 @ 12:51 a.m.

Always mirror-made mood of the day mentality WOWed, or she wasn't. Either extreme made her out of her way, out of her mind, out of time, out of whatever she happened to need. Bipolar some said was what neurosis ailed her, and paled her, what neurosis she paled in comparisson to. She paled next to the voice nagging in her ears, to the emo-pop emotion she spoke forth.

Whatever'd lethargy-worn conversations 'cause no one wanted her around, she said, no one wanted her anymore. No one could want what want didn't get. She was wanting a difference. She was never satisfied.

And in front of mirrors she stood, hollow-cheeked, lips stained red, eyes rimmed black, hair done immaculate, Barbie-doll pictured in her reflection...

...and she was never satisfied.

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