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2003-08-12 @ 10:44 p.m.

The following is a conversation I just had to post. I'm going straight to hell, and what you are about to read is proof of that.

WARNING: The following consists of a mass of spelling and grammatical errors. I will now supply you with a list of words you might be confused with: "Menono" is "I don't know". "Joo" is "you". "Jes" is "yes". "Boot" is "but". "Es" is "is". If I have failed to include every word whose meaning you cannot decipher, I apologize, profusely.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Joanna: Do you want to get high and mutilated with me?!
Joanna: Come on you know you wanna...all the "cool" kids are doing it....
Me: Not mutilated...
Joanna: boot y?
Me: High...
Me: Not mutilated.
Me: Me no likey pain
Joanna: Boot you'll be so high joo won't know what the fuck is happening.
Me: ...Ok
Me: I'll get mutilated on THAT note.
Joanna: So we es going to get high and mutilated?
Me: If I'm sooo stoned I can't step two feet in front of me without getting motion sickness, then yeah.
Me: Jes
Me: We can do that in the corner of spill out, in high school.
Me: No one will notice...
Joanna: I think they will notice
Me: ...
Me: What about on your balcony, with Jesus?
Joanna: Me no think he will likey that.
Me: Jes, he would.
Me: He's into mutilation...
Me: Lookit that crown of thorns he wears.
Me: ...and those piercings on his hands and feet.
Me: He's "totally hardcore", yo.
Joanna: kk, We'll get him to mutilate us
Me: yay!
Me: He's very experienced
Me: He's been doing it for a long time...
Me:, 2003 years, or something
Joanna: Me hope he doesn't nail me to anything...
Me: Is he into kinky sex?!
Me: This is a surprise...
Me: Me knew he liked pain...boot me no knew he liked it like THAT.
Joanna: Menono
Joanna: Offer yourself to him
Me: No thanks...what if he mutilates me while I'm NOT high?
Joanna: Then that will be great entertainment for me...
Me: Whore!
Me: You WANT to hear me moaning and screaming...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I hope you enjoyed that glimpse into my online life. Now, if you'd excuse me, I must go. Jesus and Joanna are waiting for me at her place with a crack pipe and some razor blades. What fun!


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